Hi and welcome to my blog

I’m Jeff, a new recruit within Law Express and as it turns out I’m also rather fashionable now, have even knocked the Labrador off the top spot as the UK’s most popular canine! Frenchies rule!

This is a first for me. I have never been asked to put my thoughts in writing before. Usually I have to say my thoughts have been very much occupied with walking, sleeping, eating, playing, more walking, sleeping (again) and of course dreaming…………..

Now that I spend most of my time at the offices of Law Express, I have let my thoughts wander to other things. My owner is one of the dedicated team of legal advisors at Law Express and I really enjoy being at their offices. We are close to an ancient orchard as well as the river Avon, with loads of walks available and lots of different people to come with me.

I am learning about all sorts of things and have picked up a few bits of legal jargon along the way which I hope to share with you from time to time some of which is pawsitively awesome!

I may be barking but I will try to be dognified!

PS I know that some of you may be worried about my breeding. I am happy to confirm I was pawchased from a Kennel Club member and have no health issues.



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