1in 3 people with legal problems go on to develop health issues

Very occasionally we might need to seek help with a positive life event, windfall for example. Most of the time however we need to seek assistance when we face problems that are difficult to navigate, problems that result in us experiencing high levels of stress and worry.

When considering this it is no surprise to read the recent newspaper article  telling us that one in three people with legal problems go on to develop health issues. The connection between worry and stress related health problems has been written about extensively and is readily identifiable.

Not knowing how to access help, the cuts in legal aid and the community law centres coming under greater pressure have resulted in more and more people struggling in isolation.  Nearly everyone will need legal advice at some point in their lives, and our statistics show that employment, family and property issues are the most common concerns of our callers.

A pre-occupation with a legal concern can affect both mental and physical and for that reason, employers that provide their staff with an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) generally included in this package access to a team of legal advisors.

Other organisations such as those offering insurance policies or professional bodies with members often include a legal helpline. All these organisations understand the benefits of offering quick and easy access to legal guidance. With one call, a seemingly complex legal problem, can be unravelled and provide the caller with a clear way forward. It is this help and guidance that provides reassurance and is likely to reduce the risk of triggering stress related health problems.

Organisations with an EAP know the value of “nipping a problem in the bud” and providing easy access legal advice. Providing this help, promoting the service and encouraging use of the EAP as a first port of call for legal issues results in benefits all round.

At Law Express with have been working in the EAP and insurance sector for a number of years and understand the link between stress and advice. Often just ‘telling the story’ can help. Additionally we are able to offer further support to EAP’s and other organisations with our factsheets and App, providing useful information at the touch of a button. See more here.


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