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When you want answers, we provide the affordable legal advice service you need.

“[The adviser gave] me details of all of my legal rights”. 

Mr H - 2014

“I found your service very helpful…the overall service is good and I would have no hesitation in using the service in the future”.

Mrs P - 2014

“Very good; she (the adviser) was very informative, very helpful, listened carefully and gave me the appropriate response”.

Mrs M - 2014

“I found your service really professional and helpful.  I would be happy to recommend it to others”.

Mr B - 2014

“Very good, the adviser listened to what I had to say and answered my questions fully”.

Mrs F - 2014

“ He put my mind at ease regarding my redundancy questions – he gave me really good advice”.

Mrs F - 2014

“ …you clarified my understanding and gave me some useful information in terms of going into the meeting knowing what my rights and my employers obligations were”. 

Ms G - 2014

“ Although this situation hasn’t arisen as yet, I checked my options with the adviser and the information she gave me was very useful”.

Mr M - 2014

“Very good. Your adviser obviously took the time to listen and clarified a few things…and gave me very understandable advice”.

Ms G - 2014

“I was very satisfied with the information I had been given and felt the adviser had listened to me”.

Mr M - 2014

“It was nice to have someone independent to talk to. [The adviser] listened to me and gave me some good, sensible and practical advice”.

Mr G - 2014

“I’m really impressed with your service so far”.

Mr S - 2014

"These director’s briefings look at a subject in more depth, from the point of view of someone running an organisation."

Ms C - 2014

“Really been of help.  Thank you you’ve been such a help, thank you”.

Ms D - 2014

"You’ve given me a couple of little things to encourage me; thanks again"

Mr M - 2014

“At the moment that’s fantastic, you have answered my question really well and thank you very much indeed for that, I really appreciate it”

Mr C - 2014

"You have been wonderful thank you very much”

Ms C - 2014

“This is the first time I’ve used the service and I am very impressed and appreciative”

Mr S - 2014

“That’s been really really useful, you have been fantastic."

Mr U - 2014

"Thank you very much that’s been incredibly helpful so thank you”.

Ms W - 2014

“Really good advice; Excellent, that’s brilliant – that’s really really helpful and really good advice".

Mr C - 2014

“You have been really fantastic with the way you answered it; you’ve covered all angles; I’m really impressed with you".

Mr H - 2014

“I’m just ringing to thank you really; such a relief I had to ring you just to thank you for the advice”.

Mrs W - 2016

We all buy things, hire things and sometimes hire people to do things for us. Most of the time it all goes to plan, but when it doesn’t the consequences can be serious. Even if you have only lost a small amount of time and money it is disappointing when you didn’t get what you paid for and don’t know where you stand.

We’ve been advising people on how to deal with consumer issues for nearly twenty years and we can help you sort it out, whether you want a replacement, a repair or just to get your money back.

You can find some information about your rights as a consumer by following the links on the right hand side of the page. There are links to consumer information on other sites on the resources page.

Buying goods
Whether it’s a painting, a computer or a bunch of flowers, if it isn’t what you paid for we can help you sort it out.

Buying services
Services are often the most expensive things we buy. Building, plumbing, legal services and estate agents – whatever sort of service it is, if it isn’t going to plan we can help.

Buying online
It’s always more of a risk if you can’t see what you’re buying before you purchase it. The law recognises this by providing extra protection if you are buying things from a distance and unable to check them first.

Buying a car
A car is a big investment and you need it to work. We’ve included some top tips on buying second hand cars so you can avoid common pitfalls. And if things have gone wrong, you can always call us for some helpful advice.

Buying a holiday
You go on holiday to relax and have a good time, not to argue with tour reps and be woken up by building work. If you holiday hasn’t been what you hoped for, help is at hand.

Being in debt can be very stressful. High levels of debt have been linked to ulcers, depression and heart attacks. See the resources page for organisations that can help and follow the link on the right for basic information.


Other areas that may be of interest.

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