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Commercial Property

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Commercial Property

Many businesses rent their premises, whether it is a shop, an office or factory. Alternatively you may want information on buying premises for your business. This section will help you understand the most common commercial property issues.

Rent reviews

A rent review is when your landlord considers the rent you are currently paying on your business premises and decides whether or not to change the amount you are paying. These FAQs will help you understand the rent review process, the factors that can lead to a change in rent and various other common rent review issues.

Getting Out of A Lease

A lease is the legal name given to the document that sets out the legal agreement between a tenant (you or your business) and the landlord (the person who owns the property). Sometimes, a business will want to leave its current premises, or to get out of a lease for other reasons. Sometimes the landlord will want to get out of the lease. These FAQs look at some ways you can get out of leases.

Buying premises

Buying commercial premises is a big decision and there are lots of things you will need to consider. These FAQs will help you get a better understanding of the legal issues involved in buying a property.

Leasing premises

Renting premises for your business can be fraught with legal pitfalls. These FAQs will help you understand some of the basic legal rules about commercial renting, so you will be better prepared to make decisions about renting commercial premises.