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When you want answers, we provide the affordable legal advice service you need.

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When someone dies things are difficult enough without legal problems. Whether you want advice on making a Will to protect the people you love, or knowing the practical steps to deal with probate and tax after someone dies, we can help.

We can also help in those situations when extra help is needed for those you care for when they can no longer do things for themselves.  See our section on powers of attorney for more information.


Whether you are making a Will, changing a Will or challenging a Will we can talk you through the legal process and help you understand what you need to do.


Getting the right paperwork so you can sort out a person’s property and money when they die can sometimes be difficult. It’s even more important to understand your rights and obligations if someone has named you an executor in their Will. We can talk you through what you need to do and suggest practical ways of dealing with everything from banks to funeral expenses.

Powers of Attorney

It’s important to prepare for the future. Organising Powers of Attorney for you or your family can save a lot of difficulty in the long run. We can help you understand the process of obtaining a Power of Attorney and, once appointed, what Attorney can and can’t do. If there is a particular problem, we can discuss it with you and help you think about your options.

Inheritance Tax

Our tax adviser can help you with questions you may have about inheritance tax.

Intestacy (when the person who died didn’t leave a Will)

We can talk you through what you need to do in this situation and how the law says any inheritance must be divided.



Other areas that may be of interest.

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