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Ownership & management

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Business Ownership and Management 

Running a business is complex. As well as keeping on top of your business issues, you also need to make sure that the business is meeting its legal obligations. In this section we’ve got advice on the most common legal issues that business owners want to know about.

Boardroom Disputes

Problems between board members can seriously affect a business. From dismissing a director to shareholder’s rights, these FAQs will help you decide what you need to do. If the situation is more complex, our advisers can talk you through dealing with your particular issues.

Company administration

Here you will find FAQs on the basics of company administration – what has to be done, who has to do it and where responsibility lies if the legal requirements aren’t met.

Directors decisions

Being a director of a private company isn’t just about making business decisions, you have to make sure that the Board complies with legal formalities as well. These FAQs cover common questions about Board matters in private companies.

Director responsibilities

Being a Director carries legal, as well as business obligations. These FAQs address the most common questions about the role of Director.

Family businesses

Family businesses contribute nearly a quarter of Britain’s GDP. Whether small or large, a family business often has unique issues. These FAQs offer answers to common issues faced by family businesses.

Ownership issues

Wondering about your rights as a shareholder? What if you’ve lent money to a business and are worried about getting it back? Or do you want to stop someone becoming or remaining a shareholder? These FAQs will help you understand more about company ownership issues.

Private company shares

If you want information about how to deal with private company shares, these 26 FAQs covering the most commonly asked questions should help. If the FAQs haven’t answered your question, you can call one of our experienced advisers.

Selling your shares

If you want to sell shares back to the company, there are rules you need to follow. These FAQs will help you decide if the company can buy back the shares and explain the correct process for doing so.

Shareholder decisions

As a shareholder, you have a right to attend shareholder's meetings. These FAQs answer common queries about shareholders meetings and the role of a shareholder.