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Sales and marketing

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Consumer sales and marketing

Consumer rights are always in the news and it is important to know where your business stands. This section will help you understand your obligations to consumers.

Unfair trading

The law prohibits certain practices that are considered unfair trading (for example, claiming to have an accreditation that the business does not have). These FAQs will tell you more about unfair trading, trade descriptions and the rules on pricing.

Product liability

If your business sells a defective product you may be legally liable. If someone is injured or suffers a loss because of the defective product, the legal claims can be significant. These FAQs set out the basic position on product liability.

Consumer credit

Some businesses offer their customers the option of buying goods on credit. The credit industry is legally regulated and these FAQs explain the basics of offering consumer credit to your customers.

Labelling and packaging

The law sets out what information must be shown on the labels of goods and how goods should be packaged. These FAQs will help you understand these labelling and packaging rules.

Distance selling

Distance selling (where goods and services are bought at a distance, without face to face contact with the customer) is a highly regulated area. These FAQs will help you understand what distance selling is and what special rules apply to distance selling transactions.

Trading online

An increasing amount of business is done online, from shopping for groceries to online learning. These FAQs will help you understand the rules for selling online.